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FRD Studio Connect specializes in creating digital products with a balance. Using a combination of seamless UX and delightful UI with an intuitive customer-friendly approach, we develop innovative, versatile products that meet your business goals.

Meet Your Design Goals & Much More!

If you want to discover new opportunities for your business, explore processes and successfully launch a visually appealing yet valuable digital product in the market, then a Product Designer is what you need! Product Designers blend the user needs with business goals to deliver beautiful interfaces into working products.

We Offer

  Unmatched Traction


  Seamless App Functionality


  Reliable Modern Interface


  High Customer Rentention Rate


  Improved Customer Engagement

What We DO
Get Product Experts To Work By Your Side!

We are skilled at crafting efficient and visually striking ideas for a new product and enhancing the quality of an already existing product. Our innovative design services range from research, UI and UX design, and product review.

UI/ UX can make or break any product. At Unico Connect, we design processes that make the customer journey simpler, faster, and intuitive by understanding the user’s key business goals. Have a look below to understand the in-depth procedures we offer!

User Personas

User personas created through interviews give our designer clarity on product goals, user needs, pain points and many such minute details.

Responsive Design

Restricting your product to a mobile, tab or desktop means restricting it from that online user base. Upsurge your reach, create correctly with us.

Low Fidelity Mockups

Low fidelity mock-ups are greyscale, low resolution sketches to understand the basic look and feel of a product for later enhancements.

Typography & Colors

A product and design must emote in harmony. Unico Connect ensures adhering to this principle at all levels.


Consider wireframing the skeleton of your product. Wireframing is highly crucial as a sample product to add more features before the launch.

User Testing

User testing evaluates the experience or feedback of a product received from are presentative group of users.



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