Description :

For Kitaboo, we provided comprehensive website development and maintenance services. Our expertise ensures intuitive navigation, organizes features logically, and offers personalized options for user customization. Enhancing their digital book publishing platform's accessibility and performance across various devices and operating systems.

Client :

Kitaboo is a top eBook platform for publishers and institutions worldwide. Where you create, publish, and distribute digital books with DRM protection across various devices and systems. Used by over 15 million users in 32 countries, supporting 25 languages globally.

Category :

Website Design and Development

Website Dev & Image Customization for Digital Publishing Co

FRD Studio’s work has increased the client's website speed, look, and ease of use. The service provider supplies strong project management and delivers within timelines. The client has been impressed with the team's responsiveness, technical capabilities, and willingness to go above and beyond.
Devika Deshpande

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